Monday, November 5, 2007


Overview of Therapeutic SOULSPEAK

Therapeutic SOULSPEAK is a simplified version of SOULSPEAK that allows the expression of very deep emotions. Therapeutic SOULSPEAK taps into the unconscious almost effortlessly and is both healing and cathartic by nature.

Programs are available for both at-risk children and adults in therapy. Over 3000 chldren and adults have participated in long-tem SOULSPEAK programs.

Therapeutic SOULSPEAK is a revolutionary program that gives anyone a way to easily express deep, unresolved conflicts and fears. As an aide to group and individual therapy it is unparalleled in its power, universality and ease of use.

It is a non-traumatic process that uses a special version of the oldest form of poetry, an oral, story-telling poetry, to allow anyone to easily express his or her deepest feelings in a beautiful, healing way.


The following books and papers on SOULSPEAK and Therapeutic SOULSPEAK are available in PDF form for free downloading.

1. An extensive White Paper with many statistics published in the Journal of Poetry Therapy in 2003 on the use of Therapeutic SOULSPEAK in various therapy child and adult populations. 

2. Instructor's and Therapist's instruction manuals on a simplified version of SOULSPEAK called Elementary SOULSPEAK

3. A non-fiction book, SOULSPEAK: the Outward Journey of the Soul is also available for downloading for those who would like an extensive view of the history and development of SOULSPEAK.

To download any of these PDFs, click on the names of the books above.

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