Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Grief Recovery, Support and Healing

In our healing work with thousands of adults and children we have found that the the speaking and hearing of SOULSPEAK will help guide you through the complex emotional states associated with grief in a beautiful, healing way.

Our Instructional Healing DVD series is like no other. It is currently available free of charge:

Below is the entire series, just as seen on the DVD.

If you wish a free copy of the DVD, email me at my profile email address: soulspeakspring@gmail.com

Here are some comments by people using SOULSPEAK in grief support:

“. . . I have a fourth grader whose sister died in a car accident almost a year ago. Many of the regular counseling techniques were just not working. In the last three weeks, the only change in our working together has been using SOULSPEAK as a part of individual counseling. The change, well, it has been remarkable. This little girl is expressing herself, smiling, sharing her [SOULSPEAK] poems with her mom, which is beginning to open things up at home for her.”
T. C., Guidance Counselor

“I have been using SOULSPEAK on small groups of students in my RAINBOWS (grief counseling) groups . . . ALL students were able to reach deeply inside themselves . . .
K.B., Counselor

“It is remarkable how the [SOULSPEAK] process brings to the surface feelings and emotions that are in your subconscious . . . I feel this program could be beneficial to many participating in the grief support program. “
Nancy, Hospice Participant

The SOULSPEAK Healing DVD for Grief Recovery, Support and Healing is an outgrowth of our extensive SOULSPEAK Grief Counseling Programs for School Children and our SOULSPEAK Grief Support Programs at Hospices.

Our SOULSPEAK Healing DVD for Grief Recovery, Support and Healing can be used to help heal the grief associated with the physical death of a loved one, but also in emotional deaths, such as the kind of children experience in the divorce of parents. The DVD can also be used for the deep grief associated with the death of pets.

This is because the SOULSPEAK Program views grief as a natural reaction of the soul, or feeling self, a part of us that doesn’t draw any real distinction between the grief associated with a human death, an animal death or an emotional death.

Because of the simplicity of the SOULSPEAK Program, and the fact it has no teachings per se save a few simple instructions that will allow you to speak from your feeling self, SOULSPEAK will complement and not interfere with any other religious or spiritual steps you are taking to deal with your grief.

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